Percy pig turns vegetarian

On Wednesday, Marks and Spencer announced that their cult sweet-treat, Percy Pigs, had gone completely veggie. The fruit flavoured, smiling…

Vegetarians may live longer — but not because they are vegetarian

Vegetarians may live longer, but not necessarily because they have given up meat, according to a study in Preventive Medicine.…

A raw deal in a vegan paradise

At Notting Hill’s Nama the food comes clean, crisp and barely cooked

2 Nov 2016

The eccentric vegetarian’s guide to crusading against carnivores

They’re going to lose, one day soon.

26 Aug 2016

Go flexitarian — it’s the healthy diet of the future

Flexitarianism sounds like just another ludicrous portmanteau invented by millennials, to go alongside masturdating, chairdrobes and sexting. Actually, the concept…

17 May 2016

Vegetarians ‘live four years longer’

People who have been vegetarian for a large chunk of their lives live nearly four years longer than meat eaters,…

‘Vegetarian gene’ raises the risk of cancer and heart disease

Populations that have eaten a vegetarian diet over several generations have an increased risk of heart disease and cancer, according…

Does veganism kill children? No, neglectful parenting does

Whether it’s for religious, ethical or health reasons, it’s not easy being vegan. The diet excludes some obvious things like cheese,…

9 Jul 2015