Globe trotting: four fabulous getaways

From the height of luxury in Dubai to a noble Scottish castle, you won’t find hideaways more distinctive than these

Cecil the Lion’s noble sacrifice

His shooting by an American dentist has reminded the world that big-game trophy hunting is essential for the survival of African wildlife

The Milky Way over Methoni. GETTY IMAGES.

On a remote outpost of the Peloponnese, this could be a blueprint to revive the Greek tourist trade

At Costa Navarino, they seem to have found a winning formula which actually pays its way

A disastrous one-night stand

Asking a woman back to your Airbnb is not always a good idea

Globe trotting

Our latest travel favourites

The Burj Khalifa

An expat’s guide to Dubai

Danielle Nay tells us what to see and where to go

My holiday hell

Dogs, dehydration and bed bugs

A saltwater pool at Jake’s Hotel

Otters and batcaves

Places to sleep in style

Stay in the picture

1. Das Central, AustriaIt’s not a Bond film without a snow scene and Sam Mendes’s choice of location for Spectre…

Green Hills, great apes

Here’s my first proper view of Rwanda: an improbably blue lake, endless hills striped with different shades of green stretching into…

La Marocain restaurant at La Mamounia

Lifted by the light

Sorry, T.S. Eliot, you got it wrong — January, not April, is the cruellest month. Post-Christmas torpor mixed with back-to-work…

Globe Trotting

1. Pumphouse Point, Tasmania Once used for hydroelectricity, this newly renovated 1940s building is now a hotel in the southern…

Globe Trotting

1. Kakslauttanen, Finland Bedding down in a glass igloo to watch the northern lights? Sounds like a dream weekend. Though…

St Barts airstrip

Fantasy Islands

First, we flew to the celebrity fantasy island of St Barts, one of the four French islands comprising the French…

The Washington Monument

Screen Time

Peering up at the First Amendment of the US Constitution chiselled in foot-high letters into the facade of Washington DC’s…

Globe Trotting

1. Ham Yard Hotel, LondonFirmdale’s latest venture is hidden away on a quiet street only seconds from Piccadilly Circus. It…

Cowboy comforts

How did I get myself into this? I’m halfway up a mountain in Montana, wrestling with a pair of cross-country…

Springs break

If LA can feel like a strange place, Palm Springs, 80 miles east into the desert, is frankly bizarre. Its…

Under African skies

Straight off the night flight to Nairobi, red-eyed, your clothes like a second skin, you are greeted in the clammy…

The new old world

Franschhoek — French Corner — is a place which serves South Africans as a kind of sophisticated fantasy, an alternative…

La Vialla

Estate secrets

In the lower right quadrant of Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’, a seven-arch bridge is pictured: this is the Ponte Buriano…

Island Of The Blessed

I see no reason to lie, so I will confess. I first fell in love with Bermuda as a teenager, when…

Geek Gods

Most children grow up worshipping footballers or pop stars. My idol was Robert X. Cringley — a four-eyed alpha nerd,…

Port in a storm

Once I’d Googled Trancoso and seen the words ‘boho’ and ‘Naomi Campbell’ attached to it, I didn’t want to go.…