Theresa May

Gallery: The Spectator summer party

Another magnificent bash in Old Queen Street

14 Jul 2017

Election night boozy bingo

A drinking game to get you through to the wee small hours

8 Jun 2017

Where do the parties stand on the nanny state? For libertarians, the outlook is bleak

It might not be front of mind for everybody at election time but for single-issue voters like me, only one…

2 Jun 2017

Where to watch the general election in London

Here’s where to watch the results come in

30 May 2017

Did Cadbury turn Easter into an orgy of chocolate?

Chocolate is pretty much all the Resurrection of Christ means for lots of Brits

4 Apr 2017

Theresa May’s recipes embrace margarine and the Middle East. What’s not to like?

She covers all the ground on the culinary-political front

4 Oct 2016

Don’t believe the outrage. Anti-sugar activists have scored a colossal triumph

In any negotiation, one side will go in with extreme demands hoping for a compromise solution that gives them what…

18 Aug 2016

Summer calls for Pimm’s, not Aperol Spritz

At university we used to fill up paddling pools with the stuff. But where has Pimm’s gone this summer?

21 Jul 2016

What ‘core strength’ actually means and how you can build it

Theresa May is an unlikely fitness celebrity but last week she was praised for ‘incredible core strength’ after a particularly…

19 Jul 2016

Theresa May: the first prime minister with a discreet need for jelly babies

To say that British politics is in a state of flux is rather like saying an otter’s pocket is a…

12 Jul 2016

Theresa May’s Ottolenghi revelation is gobsmacking

Forget footwear. The most telling thing about Theresa May, as suggested in interview with Robert Peston, is her cookbook collection…

5 Jul 2016