If we want to benefit from Brexit, the first thing we should do is make snus legal

In Sweden, the smoking rate has fallen to a mere nine per cent, as the New Scientist reports… Sweden is…

16 Mar 2017

Stockholm provides the perfect winter tonic

The Grand Hotel is a wondrous and luxurious place to retreat to at Christmas time

20 Dec 2016

My DIY dinner at the Ikea restaurant

The Swedish flatpack furniture giant has opened a London eatery

14 Sep 2016

Young Europeans ‘may lead shorter lives than their grandparents’

The World Health Organisation has warned that the current generation of young people in Europe may live shorter lives than…

Early signs of lung cancer: why the NHS advice to patients isn’t good enough

The number of people dying from lung cancer in the UK is woefully high. Compare us with Sweden, where twice…

23 Jun 2015