A sugar tax to make us slimmer? It’s not as simple as that

A new study from Australia’s Obesity Policy Coalition claims that a 20 per cent tax on sugary drinks would reduce…

14 Apr 2016

The sugar in Britain’s shopping basket is on the rise

  As the Office for National Statistics releases its Consumer Price Inflation basket of goods, health and wellness provider Benenden…

18 Mar 2016

What too much sugar does to your body — in pictures

  We all have a good idea of how alcohol can affect our body, but what about sugar? A new…

18 Mar 2016

The message of the sugar levy — drink makers are to blame for people getting fat

After the campaigning comes the lowering of expectations. Jamie Oliver has won again and George Osborne has announced a sugar…

17 Mar 2016

Parents won’t believe me, but ‘sugar rush’ is a myth

Sugar does not drive children insane. It has hardly any effect on their behaviour at all

18 Feb 2016

Snack attack: what’s really in your favourite treats?

Make sure you know what you’re putting in your body next time you feel peckish

18 Feb 2016

Is sugar really worse for you… or is it a big fat lie?

The headlines say that sweet stuff is the real diet villain. We delve into the science to find out the truth

Cameron never wanted a sugar tax. His real plan will be almost as radical

David Cameron’s on-off relationship with sugar taxes looks to be at an end. A trial separation has been announced while…

16 Feb 2016

Welcome to the rehab clinic where sugar addicts learn to go clean

We think we know what an addict looks like. It is the emaciated man on a bare mattress in a…

20 Jan 2016

The hospital sugar tax is a stroke of evil genius

Simon Stevens, the head of the NHS (may peace be upon it), today unveiled plans to put a quasi-tax on…

18 Jan 2016

What you eat for dinner can change how well you sleep

Eating less fibre, more saturated fat and more sugar is associated with lighter, less restorative, and more disrupted sleep, according…

The Times is wrong about a sugar tax. It won’t make us thinner — just poorer

The Times has come out in favour of a sugar tax today. ‘It is time for a sugar tax,’ says…

6 Jan 2016

Acne made me miserable. Then I learned how to wage war on the blobs

The first time I tried on my wedding dress I stared in the mirror and fought back the tears. It’s…

10 Dec 2015

Anti-sugar fanatics are watching how many biscuits you buy

Today is the start of Sugar Awareness Week. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s because it has just…

30 Nov 2015

Forget paleo, go mid-Victorian: it’s the healthiest diet you’ve never heard of

If you were to ask a member of the public to name a particularly healthy cuisine they might say the…

Our obesity crisis

A complex issue with no silver bullet

10 Nov 2015

The case against sugar isn’t closed. But we do have astonishing new evidence

My Spectator Health colleague Christopher Snowdon has strongly criticised Professor Robert Lustig’s case series, published last week, about the effects…

5 Nov 2015

The latest ‘science’ on sugar is so flawed it tells us nothing whatsoever

Robert Lustig is a Californian scientist and anti-sugar campaigner who became a minor internet sensation with his YouTube video, The…

27 Oct 2015

One fact the sugar tax report misses out: our consumption has been falling for years

Public Health England’s long-awaited report on sugar was published yesterday. I say ‘long awaited’ but hardly anybody had heard of…

23 Oct 2015

Take sugar scares with a pinch of salt

In defence of sugar

22 Oct 2015

Jamie Oliver’s sugar panic is making kids think they are doomed to an early death

The Jamie Oliver show arrived in Parliament yesterday as part of the health select committee on childhood obesity. Perhaps it…

20 Oct 2015

The Coca-Cola ‘exposé’ had all the spin of a classic anti-sugar smear piece

The Times ran an ‘exposé’ of Coca-Cola funding of scientists last week which was similar to the New York Times…

12 Oct 2015

Jamie Oliver’s guilty sugar secret: his own recipes are full of the stuff

Imagine a country in which state-subsidised television networks wheel out popular celebrities to scare the masses into supporting more taxes.…

4 Sep 2015

My battle with the demon drink – ‘healthy’ freshly squeezed orange juice

‘Sugar is your enemy’, said a doctor friend as I was complaining about my waistline, still 35 inches despite a health…

23 Aug 2015

What you don’t realise about the strange new advice on sugar

‘Like putting Dracula in charge of a blood bank’ is how Action on Sugar’s Simon Capewell described Ian MacDonald’s role…

20 Jul 2015

The BMA’s proposed sugar tax: simply another tax on the poor

The fat man of Europe is getting fatter. His teeth are rotting from the sugar in his coke and chocolates. He…

14 Jul 2015