You can safely ignore the government’s sugar guidelines

If you still have faith in Public Health England, last week’s episode of More or Less has the antidote. The…

18 Jan 2019

Sweeteners aren’t healthier than sugar, new study review suggests

There is no evidence to indicate health benefits of sweeteners over sugar, and potential harms cannot be ruled out, according…

Cadbury’s low-sugar alternative won’t appease the public health lobby

Cadbury’s have announced that a new Dairy Milk chocolate bar with 30 per cent less sugar will hit the shelves…

20 Jul 2018

The food supply is being taxed, regulated and reformulated – on the pretext of a lie

Earlier this week I suggested that the ‘extremely worrying’ news that children are eating twice as much sugar as the…

21 Jun 2018

Moving goalposts – a government-approved lifestyle is always out of reach

Something dramatic happened twenty years ago that has been all but forgotten. On June 17th 1998, 25 million Americans suddenly…

18 Jun 2018

Don’t call my book a ‘celeb diet’ – it’s a lifestyle medicine plan

One of the first surgical procedures I observed and assisted in as a qualified doctor was the amputation of a patient’s…

18 Dec 2017

Sugar ‘awakens’ cancer cells

Scientists have clarified how the Warburg effect, a phenomenon in which cancer cells rapidly break down sugars, stimulates tumor growth.…

Is fructose as bad for you as alcohol?

Mice on a diet high in fructose suffered much worse metabolic effects than those given similar calories of glucose (the…

Ignore the killjoys waging war on sugar

Scoffing cake and sweets is now talked about in the way that glue-sniffing was when I was a kid

20 Sep 2017

Don’t blame Brexit – Public Health England is shrinking our chocolate bars

Brexiteers have been forced to shoulder a lot of blame in recent months. Slower growth forecasts. Jamie Oliver’s restaurant closures.…

8 Aug 2017

Is too much sugar causing anxiety in men?

Men with high sugar intakes have an increased likelihood of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, according to new research…

Juicing? You’re just drinking sugar

Do you juice? Do you start your day with the roar of a Vitamix, the howl of a Nutribullet, the…

14 Jul 2017

Anti-sugar campaigners have gone after jam. They’ve picked the wrong spread

Action on Sugar’s usual gimmick is to read the nutritional information on food labels, collate the figures and then alert…

14 Apr 2017

The sweetest craving of all

Through the ages, sugar has inched its way to global dominance

9 Feb 2017

All that worry about sugar is working: children are now eating less of it

The trouble with reasonable voices — as current global politics are neatly illustrating for us — is that they tend…

19 Jan 2017

Teenagers ‘drink a bathtub of cola a year’? This gimmick helps no one

As any fool knows, height is measured in double-decker buses and land is measured in football pitches. If you are…

23 Nov 2016
sugary drinks

Does being deprived of sleep make you crave sugary drinks?

People who get five or fewer hours of sleep a night are likely to drink significantly more caffeinated sugary drinks,…

Public Health England: you probably won’t notice as we reduce sugar in food

Last week, a post on this website about our sugar reduction and food reformulation programme (‘Why should Public Health England…

1 Nov 2016

Don’t shrink our desserts, Jeremy Hunt, just tell us what’s in them

Is nothing sacred in the world of food? First we hear that farmed salmon has half the amount of omega-3…

14 Oct 2016

Stop making health and well-being a moral issue

Applying a human moral construct to nature by dividing foods and lifestyles into good and bad is misleading. In reality,…

14 Sep 2016

Don’t believe the outrage. Anti-sugar activists have scored a colossal triumph

In any negotiation, one side will go in with extreme demands hoping for a compromise solution that gives them what…

18 Aug 2016

How to cut sugar intake without making your life miserable

Going sugar-free is de rigueur these days but going cold turkey won’t suit everyone. In my experience the complete avoidance…

3 Aug 2016

Forget the Atkins diet — try the beef and brandy weight loss plan

Before Atkins, before Dukan, before the 5:2 diet so effectively followed by George Osborne, there was Banting. William Banting, a…

23 May 2016

Why sugar harms much more than your waistline

Can a crash diet cure diabetes? For the past five years the media has been speculating about whether a very…

5 May 2016

Sugar tax: is it fair?

Eating sugar was once a mark of breeding. Now it’s public health enemy number one

5 May 2016

A tooth decay crisis? Actually British teeth are healthier than ever

For those of us over the age of 30, the thought of having such bad teeth that we have to…

15 Apr 2016