sugar tax

Cadbury’s low-sugar alternative won’t appease the public health lobby

Cadbury’s have announced that a new Dairy Milk chocolate bar with 30 per cent less sugar will hit the shelves…

20 Jul 2018

The sugar tax in Chile reduced consumption – but hasn’t improved public health

A sugar tax introduced on soft drinks in Chile has failed to reduce inequalities in diet-related health, new research has…

Don’t believe the propaganda – sin taxes are designed to punish the poor

With the sugar tax taking effect in Britain on Friday, the Lancet has dedicated a whole issue to the wonders…

4 Apr 2018

In memoriam: Irn-Bru (1898 – 2018)

As Mark Renton famously said, it’s shite being Scottish. And it’s about to get considerably worse; this month the sugar…

4 Jan 2018

Chicago repeals unpopular sugar tax. Is it doomed to fail in Britain, too?

When nanny state campaigners talk about sugar taxes, they love to mention Berkeley, California. In 2014, the people of Berkeley…

11 Oct 2017

Ignore the killjoys waging war on sugar

Scoffing cake and sweets is now talked about in the way that glue-sniffing was when I was a kid

20 Sep 2017

Where do the parties stand on the nanny state? For libertarians, the outlook is bleak

It might not be front of mind for everybody at election time but for single-issue voters like me, only one…

2 Jun 2017

Why should Public Health England be allowed to stop us choosing between taste and fewer calories?

You would think that people who support sugar taxes would be pleased to find that high-sugar ice cream is more…

26 Oct 2016

The sugar levy is economic lunacy. A rethink is urgently needed

When George Osborne found himself having to present a list of missed economic targets in the last budget, he pulled…

22 Aug 2016

Mexico was meant to prove a sugar tax worked. New figures tell a different story

Back in January we were told that Mexico’s tax on sugary drinks cut consumption by six per cent in its…

6 May 2016

Lump sums

Public health campaigners say it’s the right move but soft-drink makers feel unfairly singled out and are lobbying hard

5 May 2016

Sugar tax: is it fair?

Eating sugar was once a mark of breeding. Now it’s public health enemy number one

5 May 2016

A tooth decay crisis? Actually British teeth are healthier than ever

For those of us over the age of 30, the thought of having such bad teeth that we have to…

15 Apr 2016

A sugar tax to make us slimmer? It’s not as simple as that

A new study from Australia’s Obesity Policy Coalition claims that a 20 per cent tax on sugary drinks would reduce…

14 Apr 2016

The message of the sugar levy — drink makers are to blame for people getting fat

After the campaigning comes the lowering of expectations. Jamie Oliver has won again and George Osborne has announced a sugar…

17 Mar 2016

Snobbery lurks behind the sugar tax crusade

So, a sugary drinks levy. First of all, there may be unintended consequences. Could it open up a black market…

17 Mar 2016

Cameron never wanted a sugar tax. His real plan will be almost as radical

David Cameron’s on-off relationship with sugar taxes looks to be at an end. A trial separation has been announced while…

16 Feb 2016

A ban on wine gums at the checkout? The scary thought is Cameron might back it

The Conservative party is a broad church but is it really broad enough to accommodate Dr Sarah Wollaston? The honourable…

22 Jan 2016

The hospital sugar tax is a stroke of evil genius

Simon Stevens, the head of the NHS (may peace be upon it), today unveiled plans to put a quasi-tax on…

18 Jan 2016

The Times is wrong about a sugar tax. It won’t make us thinner — just poorer

The Times has come out in favour of a sugar tax today. ‘It is time for a sugar tax,’ says…

6 Jan 2016

Anti-sugar fanatics are watching how many biscuits you buy

Today is the start of Sugar Awareness Week. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s because it has just…

30 Nov 2015

The latest ‘science’ on sugar is so flawed it tells us nothing whatsoever

Robert Lustig is a Californian scientist and anti-sugar campaigner who became a minor internet sensation with his YouTube video, The…

27 Oct 2015

One fact the sugar tax report misses out: our consumption has been falling for years

Public Health England’s long-awaited report on sugar was published yesterday. I say ‘long awaited’ but hardly anybody had heard of…

23 Oct 2015

Jamie Oliver’s sugar panic is making kids think they are doomed to an early death

The Jamie Oliver show arrived in Parliament yesterday as part of the health select committee on childhood obesity. Perhaps it…

20 Oct 2015

The Coca-Cola ‘exposé’ had all the spin of a classic anti-sugar smear piece

The Times ran an ‘exposé’ of Coca-Cola funding of scientists last week which was similar to the New York Times…

12 Oct 2015

Jamie Oliver is right about the sugar crisis. Something has gone horribly wrong with our diet

In recent years there has been an astonishing trend. As obesity rates have soared so too have gym memberships, fitness…

8 Sep 2015