All that worry about sugar is working: children are now eating less of it

The trouble with reasonable voices — as current global politics are neatly illustrating for us — is that they tend…

19 Jan 2017

Public Health England: you probably won’t notice as we reduce sugar in food

Last week, a post on this website about our sugar reduction and food reformulation programme (‘Why should Public Health England…

1 Nov 2016

The Times is wrong about a sugar tax. It won’t make us thinner — just poorer

The Times has come out in favour of a sugar tax today. ‘It is time for a sugar tax,’ says…

6 Jan 2016

The latest ‘science’ on sugar is so flawed it tells us nothing whatsoever

Robert Lustig is a Californian scientist and anti-sugar campaigner who became a minor internet sensation with his YouTube video, The…

27 Oct 2015

Jamie Oliver’s sugar panic is making kids think they are doomed to an early death

The Jamie Oliver show arrived in Parliament yesterday as part of the health select committee on childhood obesity. Perhaps it…

20 Oct 2015

What you don’t realise about the strange new advice on sugar

‘Like putting Dracula in charge of a blood bank’ is how Action on Sugar’s Simon Capewell described Ian MacDonald’s role…

20 Jul 2015