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Social media likes are a sign of mediocrity

Instagram recently announced plans to trial a total removal of the like function, to safeguard youth from the pressures of competing…

22 May 2019

How should the royals respond to trolling?

‘Trolling’ began as satire and rapidly morphed into an excuse for abuse. Alex Krasodomski-Jones unpicks this strange cultural phenomenon

The imitation game: how Instagram turned us into copycats

Social media brings out the age-old desire in us to copy others

4 Jan 2019

Trinny Woodall: ‘I’m a tough woman. I’m not a feminist’

Forgotten by TV, she has rebuilt her career on social media

25 Apr 2018
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Give millennials a break. We’ve had it hard enough

Older generations should remember how much millennials have had to put up with

20 Feb 2017

How designer cafés are cashing in on Instagram obsession

Everything at Ralph Lauren’s coffee shop is designed to look good on social media

14 Feb 2017

How quiche got its own hashtag

The much-derided dish has enjoyed an unlikely renaissance in recent times

26 Jan 2017

What to eat: Anyone for acid-free snake oil?

The alkaline diet, the raw diet, all kinds of craziness all over the internet… the only word for it is ‘nutribollocks’

20 Oct 2016

High pressure tactics

If I were to ask you to name a health problem that affects around seven million people in the UK…

20 Oct 2016

A lack of sleep will make your compulsive Facebook habits worse

Compulsive social media use could be a sign that you’re not getting enough sleep, according to a study by researchers…

Ignore the cynics. A New Year’s resolution can change your life

The New Year’s resolution: to some a declaration of positive change, ushering in a new and better life, to others…

12 Jan 2016

Don’t blame smartphones for young people feeling depressed. The problem goes deeper

At a student bar a few weeks ago, a friend told me they’d been struggling with depression for some time.…

21 Sep 2015

Is screen time wrecking family life? To my shame I know the answer

Every now and then, amid the blizzard of health reports that bombard us on a seemingly hourly basis, one strikes…

16 Sep 2015