Recipe: Nordic Christmas Gravlax

A surprisingly straightforward take on cured salmon

Five unfashionable fish we should all be eating

Help support British fishing by trying alternatives to cod, salmon and tuna

8 Aug 2017

Can oily fish protect the brain from dementia?

‘Oily fish can beat dementia,’ read the front page of yesterday’s Daily Express. The headline was widely mocked. ‘Great news…


A hotel retreat aims to nurture your brain. Here’s what that feels like

Hotels and neuroscience aren’t two spheres that have either natural or immediate overlap. In fact, I have confidence in asserting…

4 Jan 2017

Omega-3 levels in farmed salmon have halved in a decade

The amount of omega-3 in farmed salmon has halved in the past decade, according to a study carried out at…

Why healthy people shouldn’t be taking vitamin D pills

Should we all be popping a pill to stave off vitamin D deficiency? That appeared to be the message last…

15 Aug 2016

Eating oily fish ‘cuts risk of death from bowel cancer’

Bowel cancer patients could increase their chances of surviving the disease by eating oily fish once a week, according to…

A diet of oily fish and nuts helps to keep heart attacks at bay

A diet of oily fish, nuts and seeds can reduce the likelihood of heart attacks by as much as ten…

Don’t give up on fish oil just yet. New studies show great promise

In the 1970s Danish researchers Hans Bang and Jørn Dyerberg found that the Inuit, whose diet consisted mainly of the…

26 Feb 2016