robert lustig

The Pioppi Diet is a superficial lifestyle guide based on distorted evidence

Pioppi is a very small village in southern Italy. It is one of those places where people are reputed to…

7 Jul 2017

The sweetest craving of all

Through the ages, sugar has inched its way to global dominance

9 Feb 2017

Welcome to the rehab clinic where sugar addicts learn to go clean

We think we know what an addict looks like. It is the emaciated man on a bare mattress in a…

20 Jan 2016

The case against sugar isn’t closed. But we do have astonishing new evidence

My Spectator Health colleague Christopher Snowdon has strongly criticised Professor Robert Lustig’s case series, published last week, about the effects…

5 Nov 2015

The latest ‘science’ on sugar is so flawed it tells us nothing whatsoever

Robert Lustig is a Californian scientist and anti-sugar campaigner who became a minor internet sensation with his YouTube video, The…

27 Oct 2015