Public health

Eat healthily, or else! – the plan to change your diet by force, explained

The increasingly loony Lancet is on a roll this month. After causing global mirth two weeks ago by publishing the…

28 Jan 2019

Public health officials are on a moral crusade

The Netherlands comes a respectable 24th out of 28th in the Nanny State Index (the fewer points, the freer the…

11 Oct 2018

Cadbury’s low-sugar alternative won’t appease the public health lobby

Cadbury’s have announced that a new Dairy Milk chocolate bar with 30 per cent less sugar will hit the shelves…

20 Jul 2018

Moving goalposts – a government-approved lifestyle is always out of reach

Something dramatic happened twenty years ago that has been all but forgotten. On June 17th 1998, 25 million Americans suddenly…

18 Jun 2018

The WHO is becoming a glorified lobbying group

Has somebody put a curse on the World Health Organisation? Every time it holds a conference to discuss the ‘epidemic’…

25 May 2018

Don’t put graphic warning labels on drinks – we need to inform rather than alarm

As reported in the Guardian, the Alcohol Health Alliance is concerned that only ten per cent of Britons are aware…

8 Jan 2018

The problem with the public health message on alcohol

Christopher Snowdon recently wrote about an exchange of e-mails between Public Health England (PHE) and the Sheffield University group that…

1 Dec 2017

Ignore the headlines: Czechs aren’t the ‘unhealthiest people in the world’

When the Nanny State Index (which I edit) was published a few months ago, the Czech Republic came at the bottom the…

2 Oct 2017

Public health zealots want to put alcohol in plain packaging. We can’t afford to listen to them

Two months ago the government made plain packaging of tobacco products mandatory. Now Dr. Judith Mackay, an advisor to the…

13 Jun 2017

Does BBC Radio 2 encourage heavy drinking? Welcome to the weird world of public health

Is the BBC driving you to drink? According to a study published in the Journal of Public Health — and…

3 May 2017

Public health campaigns may prolong lives. But save money? That’s fiction

There is a common misconception that public health initiatives save money in the long run by preventing healthcare costs further…

31 Mar 2017

Moderate drinking is good for the heart. Why won’t public health admit it?

A new study in the British Medical Journal has found that moderate drinkers have a lower risk of heart attack,…

23 Mar 2017

Have a very Happy Excessmas

Eat, drink and be merry just to spite the health puritans

3 Nov 2016

Improving public health is a crusade to persuade

In a multi-platform world with global influences, doctors must look beyond the old standbys to spark a change in behaviour

18 Feb 2016

Forget paleo, go mid-Victorian: it’s the healthiest diet you’ve never heard of

If you were to ask a member of the public to name a particularly healthy cuisine they might say the…

In terms of cold, hard cash, smoking is good for taxpayers. Public health campaigns aren’t

An article in the Guardian warns readers that ‘cuts to public health funding will cost the NHS dear’. This is…

4 Nov 2015

Matt Ridley talks to Hon Lik, inventor of the e-cigarette

Matt Ridley speaks to Hon Lik, the man who has allowed more than a million smokers in Britain to quit…

18 Jun 2015