Old people should eat steak well-done, researchers say

A new study suggests that people over the age of 65 should eat beef well done to get the most…

Can having your DNA tested lead you to live a healthier life?

From a blood test to a stool analysis, measuring biochemical markers is a time-honoured way to assess health and enable…

17 May 2017

The protein myth: why high-protein diets are utterly pointless

Nonsensical nutritional claims have been with us for years. Stanley Green, the Protein Man, paraded up and down Oxford Street…

31 Jan 2017

Higher protein intake may help against breast cancer

Women with breast cancer are slightly more likely to survive the disease if they increase their protein intake, according to…

For gym buffs: here’s how much protein is best after exercise

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How to cut sugar intake without making your life miserable

Going sugar-free is de rigueur these days but going cold turkey won’t suit everyone. In my experience the complete avoidance…

3 Aug 2016

Forget the Atkins diet — try the beef and brandy weight loss plan

Before Atkins, before Dukan, before the 5:2 diet so effectively followed by George Osborne, there was Banting. William Banting, a…

23 May 2016

Sugar tax: is it fair?

Eating sugar was once a mark of breeding. Now it’s public health enemy number one

5 May 2016

Snack attack: what’s really in your favourite treats?

Make sure you know what you’re putting in your body next time you feel peckish

18 Feb 2016

Study finds key factor behind kidney disease

According to research published in the journal Nature Communications, patients with higher levels of a certain protein are at greater…