Don’t call my book a ‘celeb diet’ – it’s a lifestyle medicine plan

One of the first surgical procedures I observed and assisted in as a qualified doctor was the amputation of a patient’s…

18 Dec 2017

The rise of the food fads: how plain old healthy eating got left behind

Change underpins fashion, rejecting what was then and replacing it with what is now. This is especially true in the…

30 Nov 2016

What to eat: Anyone for acid-free snake oil?

The alkaline diet, the raw diet, all kinds of craziness all over the internet… the only word for it is ‘nutribollocks’

20 Oct 2016

High pressure tactics

If I were to ask you to name a health problem that affects around seven million people in the UK…

20 Oct 2016

When healthy eating was a packet of salt-and-vinegar crisps. Golden Wonder, not Walkers

I always smuggle a couple of subversive Digestive biscuits into my daughter’s school lunch box

22 Sep 2016

Why sugar harms much more than your waistline

Can a crash diet cure diabetes? For the past five years the media has been speculating about whether a very…

5 May 2016

Is that label legal?

The EU has authorised only 256 specific claims about food and supplements… and rejected more than 1,500

5 May 2016

Take sugar scares with a pinch of salt

In defence of sugar

22 Oct 2015

Does veganism kill children? No, neglectful parenting does

Whether it’s for religious, ethical or health reasons, it’s not easy being vegan. The diet excludes some obvious things like cheese,…

9 Jul 2015