HL: Genomics, technology and the future of healthcare

How do you fly a plane whilst changing the wings? This was the question posed by Professor Sir Mark Walport…

11 Apr 2019

The power of technology to make lives better

It was a packed house at One Great George Street on Monday morning as Health Secretary Matt Hancock kicked off…

28 Mar 2019

Dumbing down doctors’ letters is not putting patients first

As a doctor who places great emphasis on warm and open relationships with patients, I felt self-conscious and uncomfortable this…

13 Sep 2018

How being a junior doctor prepared me for a career in comedy

Adam Kay on swapping delivering babies for telling jokes

12 Sep 2017

The NHS tops the chart again – for avoidable deaths and poor health outcomes

The Commonwealth Fund is a US think tank that campaigns for reform to the American healthcare system. In particular, it…

14 Jul 2017

Public health campaigns may prolong lives. But save money? That’s fiction

There is a common misconception that public health initiatives save money in the long run by preventing healthcare costs further…

31 Mar 2017
smoke-free NHS

For many, a ‘truly smoke-free NHS’ would be an act of cruelty

Public Health England has announced plans to persuade NHS trusts to ban smoking on all their premises in an effort…

3 Mar 2017
heart surgeons

The shaming of heart surgeons: how politics brought a proud profession low

During training and the early years of my consultant career, cardiac surgery was a pioneering profession. We developed techniques and…

bed blocker

A ‘bed blocking’ crisis threatens the NHS. Here’s how to fix it

The NHS is the victim of its own success. Every patient whose life it saves and patches up is a…

7 Feb 2017

My plight in Poland: why it’s best not to fall ill in the EU

After one length of the hotel pool I realised I’d forgotten my earplugs. I got out, but it was already…

13 Dec 2016

Passport checks at hospitals: it’s hard to see how it could work

‘Every NHS patient could be asked to show their passport before they receive healthcare,’ ran the stories yesterday. They reported…

23 Nov 2016

After decades of seemingly perpetual crisis, can the NHS survive?

We talk to health professionals and campaigners about the furture of the health service

Ignore the NHS propaganda: fat people aren’t to blame for its soaring costs

Of all the attempts of NHS mandarins to blame patients for the spiralling costs of their bureaucratic leviathan, Simon Stevens’…

9 Jun 2016

Weight loss surgery works. Why is the NHS so reluctant to offer it?

Weight loss surgery should be made more freely available on the NHS, according to a report in the British Medical…

Slim down to save the NHS

Treating obesity-related diabetes will leave the health service bankrupt unless we all shape up soon

4 May 2016

An ageing population doesn’t have to mean expensive healthcare

In Porgy and Bess, Gershwin quipped about the problems with enjoying life in older age: ‘Methuselah lived 900 years, but…

24 Mar 2016

‘Vomit up your past’: a truly sick-making ‘detox cure’ for addicts

Puke your guts up in order to keep off drugs. Honestly, I thought the detox industry was incapable of surprising…

9 Mar 2016
Before antibiotics, TB patients were treated at sanatoriums where the main cure was rest plus fresh, cold air

Return of the White Death: TB is once again a serious threat to the nation’s health

Infection rates in parts of London are higher than in Rwanda, Eritrea or Iraq

18 Feb 2016

Sitting is the new smoking, says leading NHS expert Sir Muir Gray

Swap your slippers for walking shoes to live a longer and more productive life

18 Feb 2016

Obesity, the new terrorism? Hyperbole has nowhere left to go

Keeping the obesity panic on the front pages requires an escalation of hyperbole that can never end well. In a…

11 Dec 2015

Cancer drugs still being assessed for the NHS ‘to be given to patients early’

England’s Cancer Drugs Fund, which pays for drugs the NHS deems unaffordable, is to be overhauled. Under new plans patients…

Wear clothing that can be easily removed

12 tips for a better GP appointment

You have ten minutes. Here’s how to make the most of them

22 Oct 2015
Alas, poor Yorick. And spare a thought for the rest of us

The art of dying well

Do we want to live as long as modern medicine allows us, or only so long as life is sweet? By Margaret McCartney

22 Oct 2015
Testing times: swallow a digestive biscuit with a speech therapist watching closely and you’re deemed safe to manage a normal diet

The lowdown on swallowing and stroke

What happens and how we can help you with it

22 Oct 2015
Small bite, big problem: Lyme disease is often misdiagnosed and no one’s sure how to treat it

Once bitten…

Since his son was diagnosed with the condition, the billionaire Phones4U founder has gone into action

22 Oct 2015
Placebo pills: safe only insofar as they contain no active substance

A little goes a long way, that’s if it works at all

Homeopathy divides people into those who are credulous enough to believe in it and everyone else, says Professor Edzard Ernst