The NHS 10 year plan won’t work unless we embrace new technology

The focus of the new NHS 10 year plan is clear – prevention rather than cure. Whilst hospitals will still…

8 Jan 2019

The fax machine bonfire has begun – now for the pager scrapheap

One of New Labour’s most pernicious legacies – and there were many – was its failed NHS IT project which…

10 Dec 2018

The new health secretary needs to bonfire Labour’s NHS fax machines

Innovative for its time, the trusty fax machine was for many decades a mainstay of office life. Across the NHS,…

10 Jul 2018

Outdated technology is putting patients at risk – but there’s an app for that

The doctors of today grew up digital, but the UK’s hospitals are a technology time warp. Top down solutions to…

14 May 2018
NHS email

Don’t despair at the NHS email crash. A new dawn is round the corner

It started with a single email saying ‘Test’ on it just after I had begun my morning surgery earlier this…

16 Nov 2016