Foraging for your dinner: the best expeditions for city dwellers

Foraging is growing in popularity amongst urbanites. But how easy is it source your own dinner?

13 May 2019

Nature Notes: March

From blackbirds and wrens to the early signs of blossom, here’s what to look out for in the countryside this March

18 Mar 2019

How to grow your own herbs

Horticultural expert Jekka McVicar VMH shows you how to introduce homegrown herbs into your garden

11 Mar 2019

February’s finest flower: the best spots for snowdrops

from Welford Park to Anglesey Abbey, here’s where to find them and how to plant your own

25 Jan 2019

Nature notebook: what to look out for on your winter walks

Whether you are a city dweller or a country lover, Rachael Bell keeps you in touch with the season

26 Dec 2018

No, cancer patients don’t need to give up chocolate

Cancer patients should avoid chocolate, according to Daily Mail Online. ‘Ingredient found to make tumours spread around the body —…

yo-yo dieting

Why diets don’t work: ‘obesity-causing’ bacteria linger in the gut

New research published in the journal Nature suggests that intestinal microbes play an unexpectedly important role in recurrent obesity —…

Has human lifespan reached its natural limit?

It may not be possible to extend the lifespan of humans beyond 125 years, a study published in Nature has…

Hyped-up Alzheimer’s drug: too early to tell if this really is a breakthrough

An early trial of an Alzheimer’s drug suggests it may benefit patients in the earliest stages of the disease. The…

Asian fruit extract could dissolve kidney stones, study suggests

A compound found in citrus fruit can dissolve calcium oxalate crystals, which form the most common kind of human kidney…

10 Aug 2016

Trees save lives: why doctors are prescribing forest walks

The sense of wellbeing that walking in a wood provides is tangible. Strolling through dappled sunlight, the peppery smell of…

11 Jul 2016

Living near green spaces may help you live longer

People who have access to green spaces live longer, according to a study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.…

Imaging technology can spot heart problems at a glance

Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, have developed a monitoring device that they say will improve detection…