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Give millennials a break. We’ve had it hard enough

Older generations should remember how much millennials have had to put up with

20 Feb 2017

Only imbeciles use mobile phones in cinemas

The rumoured ‘cinema mode’ for iPhones would be a backward step for humanity

5 Jan 2017

Message to public health: getting kids to front your campaigns won’t help

In a list of freedoms I would go to the wall for, the freedom of children to order takeaway food…

23 Jun 2016

Keep using your mobiles – the latest study on phone radiation is far from conclusive

A new report by US government scientists claims that radiation emitted by mobile phones can increase the risk of two…

No, mobile phones are not ‘cooking’ men’s sperm

Men who keep their mobile phone in their pockets are ‘cooking’ their sperm, lowering their gamete count and raising the…