Can probiotics treat depression? This study suggests yes

Probiotics could relieve the symptoms of depression, according to research published in the journal Gastroenterology. The study, at McMaster University…


Can a gut bacteria transplant make us young again? It worked for fish

Older fish live longer if they consume microbes from the faecal matter of younger fish, according to a study by…


Adding good bacteria to the gut lifts mice out of depression

‘How YOGURT can treat depression,’ ran the headline at Mail Online. Similar stories popped up elsewhere. Most readers no doubt…

yo-yo dieting

Why diets don’t work: ‘obesity-causing’ bacteria linger in the gut

New research published in the journal Nature suggests that intestinal microbes play an unexpectedly important role in recurrent obesity —…

Study hints at power of gut bacteria to protect against cancer

Several studies have suggested that bacteria in the gut could be used to reduce the risk of certain types of…

Guest room: we each play host to 100 trillion microbes

What’s bugging you now? The amazing potential of our bodies’ own bacteria

Scientists hope our trillions of resident microbes can help us beat disease and improve mental health

18 Feb 2016