Five underrated cuts of meat

Why we should all give kidneys, knuckle and neck a try

29 Jan 2018

We all need to eat less meat – and veg out more

Greens are good for our health, great for the environment and – the best bit – delicious

14 Jun 2017

Is red meat bad for you? The evidence is far from clear

Eating red meat may raise the risk of dying from heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes, a study in the…

Vegetarians may live longer — but not because they are vegetarian

Vegetarians may live longer, but not necessarily because they have given up meat, according to a study in Preventive Medicine.…

Higher protein intake may help against breast cancer

Women with breast cancer are slightly more likely to survive the disease if they increase their protein intake, according to…

The eccentric vegetarian’s guide to crusading against carnivores

They’re going to lose, one day soon.

26 Aug 2016

Go flexitarian — it’s the healthy diet of the future

Flexitarianism sounds like just another ludicrous portmanteau invented by millennials, to go alongside masturdating, chairdrobes and sexting. Actually, the concept…

17 May 2016

Vegetarians ‘live four years longer’

People who have been vegetarian for a large chunk of their lives live nearly four years longer than meat eaters,…

Barbecued meat ‘will raise your risk of kidney cancer’

Last month the World Health Organisation commissioned a report which suggests that processed meat can cause cancer. Now researchers from…

Butter is not your enemy. Decades of dogma got it wrong about saturated fat

Challenging a medical or scientific paradigm can be seriously bad for your health, as any heretic, from Galileo to John…

2 Nov 2015

Just how unhealthy is it to eat meat?

Depends on the meat

22 Oct 2015