jamie oliver

How Jamie Oliver Stole Christmas

It’s been a busy old year for Jamie Oliver and his miserable band of anti-sugar, anti-salt and anti-fun campaigner friends.…

20 Dec 2018

No, one in three children aren’t obese – this headline-grabbing figure is a statistical invention

There is a heartwarming video on Youtube of Jamie Oliver showing a group of children how chicken nuggets are made…

15 Feb 2018

Recipe: Jamie Oliver’s roast goose

The ultimate festive recipe for roast goose, slow-cooked with Christmas spices

19 Dec 2017

Do we really need to clean up kids’ menus?

A new survey aiming to shame chain restaurants into providing healthier meals for children is out of touch with family life

12 Oct 2017

The best cookery schools in Britain

Say goodbye to beans on toast

20 Jun 2017

We all need to eat less meat – and veg out more

Greens are good for our health, great for the environment and – the best bit – delicious

14 Jun 2017

The sweetest craving of all

Through the ages, sugar has inched its way to global dominance

9 Feb 2017

Mexico was meant to prove a sugar tax worked. New figures tell a different story

Back in January we were told that Mexico’s tax on sugary drinks cut consumption by six per cent in its…

6 May 2016

Anti-sugar fanatics are watching how many biscuits you buy

Today is the start of Sugar Awareness Week. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s because it has just…

30 Nov 2015

Jamie Oliver’s sugar panic is making kids think they are doomed to an early death

The Jamie Oliver show arrived in Parliament yesterday as part of the health select committee on childhood obesity. Perhaps it…

20 Oct 2015

Jamie Oliver’s guilty sugar secret: his own recipes are full of the stuff

Imagine a country in which state-subsidised television networks wheel out popular celebrities to scare the masses into supporting more taxes.…

4 Sep 2015

The BMA’s proposed sugar tax: simply another tax on the poor

The fat man of Europe is getting fatter. His teeth are rotting from the sugar in his coke and chocolates. He…

14 Jul 2015