James Bond

Move over Bond – Kingsman are the real spy masters

The film franchise is perfect for those who miss the wit and eccentricity of old 007 movies

20 Sep 2017
Roger Moore

The many lives of Roger Moore: like Bond, he had long cheated death

The death of Sir Roger Moore aged 89 has saddened many men of a certain generation who believed that he…

25 May 2017

The greatest whisky-drinking writers of all time

From Robert Burns to Hunter S Thompson

kim jong-nam

VX nerve agent and Kim Jong-nam: a murder that doesn’t add up

Even Ian Fleming would have balked at getting James Bond involved in the plot. Half-brother of half-mad dictator gets attacked…

27 Feb 2017

Spa Inpector: Your A-to-ZZZZZ of relaxation

Sleep Retreat at Espa Life spa, Corinthia Hotel London

18 Feb 2016