How should the royals respond to trolling?

‘Trolling’ began as satire and rapidly morphed into an excuse for abuse. Alex Krasodomski-Jones unpicks this strange cultural phenomenon

The joy of giving up the internet for Lent

Like many great love stories, ours ended on a train. A stranger tapped me on the shoulder to ask if…

6 Apr 2017

Dubious health claims thrive online. Here’s how to avoid them

The media have long had a keen interest in alternative medicine and report regularly on the subject. But all too…

What to eat: Anyone for acid-free snake oil?

The alkaline diet, the raw diet, all kinds of craziness all over the internet… the only word for it is ‘nutribollocks’

20 Oct 2016

High pressure tactics

If I were to ask you to name a health problem that affects around seven million people in the UK…

20 Oct 2016

Message to Jeremy Hunt: worried parents need doctors, not search engines

However you look at it, Jeremy Hunt is not popular with doctors at the moment, which is perhaps an understatement…

17 Feb 2016