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Our new columnist shares excerpts from her bestselling lifestyle guide, If I Can Do It, So Can You!

Too busy to exercise? Here is how to make a few minutes in the gym count

In my experience the most common barrier to good health is a hectic and stressful work life. An extremely busy…

23 Jun 2016
Personal trainer Andy Pilides prepares for a lift

Weight training is for everyone, not just grunting muscle men

Combine it with a cardio routine to boost your fitness or shed pounds

5 May 2016

Please, no food activity labels — the truth about calories and exercise is too dismal

As a non-sporty middle-aged woman who forces myself to go to the gym twice a week, I read last week’s…

13 Apr 2016

Ignore the cynics. A New Year’s resolution can change your life

The New Year’s resolution: to some a declaration of positive change, ushering in a new and better life, to others…

12 Jan 2016

Long, brisk walks may be better for our weight than sessions in the gym

For people trying to lose weight a brisk walk is more beneficial than a session at the gym, according to…