My plight in Poland: why it’s best not to fall ill in the EU

After one length of the hotel pool I realised I’d forgotten my earplugs. I got out, but it was already…

13 Dec 2016

The GP surgeries with the happiest patients: what’s their secret?

Which GP surgeries are best at keeping patients happy? A recent survey seemed to have the answer, producing a list…

23 Sep 2016

Message to Jeremy Hunt: worried parents need doctors, not search engines

However you look at it, Jeremy Hunt is not popular with doctors at the moment, which is perhaps an understatement…

17 Feb 2016
Wear clothing that can be easily removed

12 tips for a better GP appointment

You have ten minutes. Here’s how to make the most of them

22 Oct 2015
Alas, poor Yorick. And spare a thought for the rest of us

The art of dying well

Do we want to live as long as modern medicine allows us, or only so long as life is sweet? By Margaret McCartney

22 Oct 2015

Notes on notes

Something has been lost with the digitising of medical notes

22 Oct 2015