George Osborne

Don’t believe the outrage. Anti-sugar activists have scored a colossal triumph

In any negotiation, one side will go in with extreme demands hoping for a compromise solution that gives them what…

18 Aug 2016

Lump sums

Public health campaigners say it’s the right move but soft-drink makers feel unfairly singled out and are lobbying hard

5 May 2016

The message of the sugar levy — drink makers are to blame for people getting fat

After the campaigning comes the lowering of expectations. Jamie Oliver has won again and George Osborne has announced a sugar…

17 Mar 2016

Snobbery lurks behind the sugar tax crusade

So, a sugary drinks levy. First of all, there may be unintended consequences. Could it open up a black market…

17 Mar 2016

Jeanette Winterson turns the air blue at Rohan Silva’s bookshop launch

Since leaving No 10, David Cameron’s former special advisor Rohan Silva has rebranded himself as a techpreneur. After launching Second…

25 Feb 2016

Andrew Marr on his ‘riff-raff’ Primrose Hill neighbours

Since moving to Primrose Hill last year, Andrew Marr has become a key campaigner in the quest to protect the…

10 Nov 2015