Can eating too much fruit trigger gestational diabetes?

Women who eat large amounts of fruit during pregnancy may have a higher risk of gestational diabetes. A new study…


‘Broccoli cuts sugar cravings’: why fruit and vegetables need more hype

They don’t hold back, those scientists, do they? One minute it’s five a day and then, instead of a small…

29 Mar 2017
healthy diet

You can eat a healthy diet for next to nothing. Here’s the proof

It is a common belief in some circles that a healthy diet is unaffordable. Last year, the chair of the…

2 Mar 2017
10 a day

Ten a day of fruit and veg: how good is the evidence?

Eating more than five portions of fruit and vegetables a day greatly reduces the chance of heart attack, stroke, cancer…

Where tomatoes really come from

The origins of the tomato are not as Mediterranean as you might think

16 Feb 2017

How to bake a spectacular blood orange cake

A perfect cake for the cold winter months

Pomegranate: the fruit that myths are made of

The pomegranate features prominently in folklore from all over the world

19 Jan 2017

The fruit with a colourful past

Why oranges are one of the most exquisite fruits of all

12 Jan 2017
Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet ‘reduces brain shrinkage’? The study didn’t prove any such thing

New research has claimed that a Mediterranean diet can protect the brain from shrinking in old age (however, see our…

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is an insult to a noble fruit

Starbucks’ seasonal special is a Halloween horror

28 Oct 2016

Sorry, eating vegetables probably won’t make you any happier

A higher intake of fruit and vegetables is linked to greater happiness, according to a study published in the American…

Fibre is essential to a healthy life. Here are tips for upping your intake

Most of us have a vague sense that fibre is a good thing to eat. But most probably don’t realise…

29 Jun 2016

Eating more fruit in pregnancy may lead to smarter babies

Women who eat more fruit when they are pregnant have more intelligent children, according to research published in the online…

Eating fruit as a teenager protects against breast cancer decades later

Eating a lot of fruit during adolescence can lower your risk of breast cancer by a quarter, according to a…