The rise of the running holiday

From a Nepalese running trek to a race around a Swiss mountain, running holidays are growing in appeal

Staying fit ‘cuts heart attack risk in half’

Poor cardiorespiratory fitness could increase your risk of a future heart attack, even if you have no symptoms of a…

Four fresh ways to keep fit

From Scandinavian plogging to newly fashionable boxing – the 2019 fads that will kick-start your fitness drive

3 Jan 2019

Technology has made us lonely and unfit – but there’s an app for that

As a nation, the UK is suffering from a health and wellness crisis. A majority of adults – 66 per…

12 Sep 2018

Fitness of boys has declined significantly over past 20 years

Boys, including those of a healthy weight, have become less fit over the past 20 years, according to new research…

Running in the summer sun? Have a hot bath first, researchers say

A long soak in a hot bath is the best way to prepare to exercise in the summer heat, according…

Cryotherapy is a pointless fad: there are no short cuts to weight loss

Celebrities are plunging themselves into vats of vaporised nitrogen, exposing their bronzed flesh to temperatures as low as five degrees…

19 Jun 2017

Exercise is more effective on an empty stomach, but proceed with caution

There’s no such thing as the perfect exercise regime for people trying to get in shape. No magic formula that…

15 Jun 2017

January 19: the day New Year’s resolutions die. Here’s how to keep yours alive

‘New year, new you!’ I, for one, buy into this mantra on an annual basis, mentally and monetarily. Last January,…

10 Jan 2017

Could mice teach us about the best time of day to exercise?

Scientists have discovered that muscles can be more or less amenable to exercise depending on the time of day, according…

Gallop to Goodwood: Off to the British Racing School

I know, I know, I’ve already moaned enough about being up at 5am on a bank holiday Monday. But even…

14 Jul 2016

Exercising in your 40s reduces your risk of a stroke by a third

To avoid stroke later in life you should stay fit in your 40s, according to research carried out at the…

Personal trainer Andy Pilides prepares for a lift

Weight training is for everyone, not just grunting muscle men

Combine it with a cardio routine to boost your fitness or shed pounds

5 May 2016

What to look forward to in the next issue of Spectator Health – out on Thursday

The new issue of Spectator Health is out on Thursday 5 May. There’s a fantastic array of articles to look…

29 Apr 2016
I believe we can give children a better life by encouraging them to take up sport

Stay forever fit with ultimate tennis mum Judy Murray

New fitness crusade by the woman who raised and coached champions Andy Murray and brother Jamie

18 Feb 2016

People over the age of 50 ‘becoming smarter, but also less fit’

Older people are becoming more intelligent, but also less fit, according to a study carried out in Germany by the…

It’s not simply about calories – our bodies are far more complex than that

The first law of thermodynamics states that ‘energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can be changed from one form…

30 Jun 2015

New study shows children are less fat – but less fit. The ‘obesity crisis’ may be a fitness crisis

A long-term study by the University of Essex has found that, although the average BMI (body mass index) of children…