7 easy steps to becoming a male feminist

In the age of #MeToo its vital that men become part of the sisterhood

25 Apr 2018

Career women don’t have time to eat healthily. Did feminism make me fat?

Was it the prosecco that did it? Or was it the cheesy chips that made me fat? I often ask myself…

13 Jun 2017

The other sexual double-standard

Why is self-love for women so cool and feminist? For men it’s seen as sad and sleazy

23 Mar 2017

Battle of the sexes comes to a halt at Baileys book prize

Is the battle of the sexes over? Stephen Frears – director of woman-heavy films The Queen, Philomena and Tamara Drewe…

9 Jun 2016

Lunch with the future leader of the Labour party

Jess Phillips is a gobby Brummie with the balls to drag the Labour party back from Korbyn’s Keystone Kommunism

5 Dec 2015

Can’t the BMA just admit it doesn’t want pregnant women to have fun?

Earlier this month, a review published by the Cochrane Library criticised the idea of ‘eating for two’ while pregnant, suggesting that…

26 Jun 2015

A Bullingdon for feminists

The rise of the organised Proper Feminists.

20 Jun 2015