A high-fat diet limits the brain’s ability to regulate food intake

Eating too much fat can cause the region of the brain that regulates food intake to malfunction, according to new…

Exercise is more effective on an empty stomach, but proceed with caution

There’s no such thing as the perfect exercise regime for people trying to get in shape. No magic formula that…

15 Jun 2017

Career women don’t have time to eat healthily. Did feminism make me fat?

Was it the prosecco that did it? Or was it the cheesy chips that made me fat? I often ask myself…

13 Jun 2017

Can having your DNA tested lead you to live a healthier life?

From a blood test to a stool analysis, measuring biochemical markers is a time-honoured way to assess health and enable…

17 May 2017

How drugs make us fat: why alcohol, caffeine and chocolate are a menace to your waistline

We know that calorie-dense, seductive foods like chips, ice cream, and cookies tend to push us to eat too much…

4 May 2017

Don’t shrink our desserts, Jeremy Hunt, just tell us what’s in them

Is nothing sacred in the world of food? First we hear that farmed salmon has half the amount of omega-3…

14 Oct 2016

Stop making health and well-being a moral issue

Applying a human moral construct to nature by dividing foods and lifestyles into good and bad is misleading. In reality,…

14 Sep 2016

The undertaker who gave us all a morbid fear of eating fat

Fleshy hips and heaving bosoms used to be revered. So where did it all go wrong?

24 Aug 2016

How to cut sugar intake without making your life miserable

Going sugar-free is de rigueur these days but going cold turkey won’t suit everyone. In my experience the complete avoidance…

3 Aug 2016

‘Inner fat’ is a killer lurking in your belly. Here’s how to get rid of it

All of us have fat that we can’t see. That’s because it’s hidden within our bodies. To see it properly,…

28 Jul 2016

The ‘low-fat’ dark ages are over — evidence shows the Mediterranean diet is best

More evidence has been forthcoming this week regarding the efficacy of the Mediterranean diet and its positive impact on health.…

20 Jul 2016

Are you weighing yourself wrong? Make the scales your friend, not your enemy

For many people the scales are seen as the enemy. But used correctly they are a powerful ally in keeping…

2 Jun 2016

Ignore the low-carb cult: eating lots of fat won’t really make you slim

Science and newspapers don’t really mix. The media work on 24-hour news cycles and want dramatic developments. Science works slowly…

23 May 2016

Sugar tax: is it fair?

Eating sugar was once a mark of breeding. Now it’s public health enemy number one

5 May 2016

Snack attack: what’s really in your favourite treats?

Make sure you know what you’re putting in your body next time you feel peckish

18 Feb 2016

Is sugar really worse for you… or is it a big fat lie?

The headlines say that sweet stuff is the real diet villain. We delve into the science to find out the truth

Butter is not your enemy. Decades of dogma got it wrong about saturated fat

Challenging a medical or scientific paradigm can be seriously bad for your health, as any heretic, from Galileo to John…

2 Nov 2015

Denmark’s fat tax was a failure — but revisionists are trying to rewrite the story

The short tale of Denmark’s ‘fat tax’ can be easily told. After being voted for by an overwhelming majority of…

6 Aug 2015

Sorry, but there’s no real evidence that chocolate makes you healthier

Yesterday’s newspapers were full of grand claims about the health benefits of eating chocolate. The Daily Mail called it a…