European Union

Why don’t more young women vape? EU regulations are partly to blame

The government’s current approach to nicotine and tobacco reminds me of the sex education scene in Mean Girls: ‘Don’t have sex.…

25 Jun 2018

A triumph of the busybodies: the EU begins its crackdown on smokers and vapers

One day last summer I walked into my local e-cigarette shop and bought their entire stock of my favourite vape…

19 May 2017

My plight in Poland: why it’s best not to fall ill in the EU

After one length of the hotel pool I realised I’d forgotten my earplugs. I got out, but it was already…

13 Dec 2016

Britain must speak up for e-cigarettes — the health of the world’s smokers depends on it

Last week Public Health England announced that fewer people than ever are smoking in England (less than 17 per cent).…

Brexit: The payroll vote

Why Vote Leave by Daniel Hannan is full of well-researched detail that Brexit campaigners should know

11 Jun 2016

New laws on tobacco and vaping are another step towards bootleg Britain

It is a reflection of the EU’s democratic deficit that smokers and vapers have only recently become aware of a…

20 May 2016

The EU’s new rules for vapers: this is Brussels at its most petty and pointless

The failure of two legal challenges against the EU’s new Tobacco Products Directive means that a swarm of new regulations…

4 May 2016

We don’t belong in the EU’s evil empire

How scathing exposé The Rotten Heart of Europe revealed the true purpose of monetary union

The EU’s attack on e-cigarettes will bring a golden age of vaping to an end

Walking down most British high streets you could be forgiven for thinking that e-cigarettes are more common than tobacco. It’s…

9 Oct 2015