Toast the New Year with a Belgian beer

Embrace some beautiful beers from Belgium before Article 50 kicks in

Why is it any of the EU’s business if Scotland introduce minimum pricing for alcohol?

This morning, the Scottish courts ruled against the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) in the latest chapter of a long-running dispute…

21 Oct 2016

Check Up: on an unexpected Brexit bonus and the importance of flu jabs

Plus: smoking at an all-time low and the not-so-smart students who take ‘smart drugs’

20 Oct 2016

Britain must speak up for e-cigarettes — the health of the world’s smokers depends on it

Last week Public Health England announced that fewer people than ever are smoking in England (less than 17 per cent).…

Peston vs Cameron – round three?

Although the EU referendum has brought tensions in the Conservative party to a head, it’s another rivalry that caught Miss…

7 Jun 2016

The EU’s new rules for vapers: this is Brussels at its most petty and pointless

The failure of two legal challenges against the EU’s new Tobacco Products Directive means that a swarm of new regulations…

4 May 2016

We don’t belong in the EU’s evil empire

How scathing exposé The Rotten Heart of Europe revealed the true purpose of monetary union

Medical researchers lobby for the right to share your data

Over 60 organisations are calling for the European Parliament to relax its data protection laws and allow medical researchers to…