Yo-yo dieting ‘increases risk of heart attack and stroke’

Fluctuations in weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels may be associated with a higher risk of heart attack…

Smaller portions, higher prices, fewer choices; public health puritans are ruining everything

January is a bleak month for many of us. I shall be glad to see the back of it, but…

31 Jan 2018

Five things I’ve learned about dieting at Christmas

The most common advice we get about dieting at Christmas can be summed up in two words: don’t bother. It…

22 Dec 2016

Ten calorie-trimming tips for Christmas

Cut back on the calories but not the taste with our 10 easy food swaps this Christmas. By nutritionist Angela Dowden for Benenden

12 Dec 2016
yo-yo dieting

Why diets don’t work: ‘obesity-causing’ bacteria linger in the gut

New research published in the journal Nature suggests that intestinal microbes play an unexpectedly important role in recurrent obesity —…


‘Diet’ sweetener isn’t great for a diet. A new study suggests why

The sugar substitute aspartame, used in many diet drinks, encourages weight gain — at least in mice. A new study,…

Sugar tax: is it fair?

Eating sugar was once a mark of breeding. Now it’s public health enemy number one

5 May 2016

Slim down to save the NHS

Treating obesity-related diabetes will leave the health service bankrupt unless we all shape up soon

4 May 2016

The secret of a successful diet: a regular flow of treats

Everybody says diets don’t work. They would work if you actually stuck to them, but you won’t stick to them,…

23 Feb 2016

Tidying, the secret to weight loss? Don’t be fooled by the Mail’s mad claim

There is an old adage in news reporting, which goes something like: a dog biting a man is not news;…

21 Oct 2015