Eating healthily ‘significantly improves mood’

There is a positive association between the quantity of fruit and vegetables consumed and people’s self-reported mental well-being, according to…

How enzymes keep you healthy

Digestive enzymes have been (figuratively) under the microscope recently, with fantastic claims that they can do everything from curing depression…

16 Nov 2018

Struggling to lose weight? Some brains aren’t wired for self control

High-level brain functions play a major role in weight loss, according to a new study published in the journal Cell Metabolism.…

Good news for vegetarians – plants can be made to absorb B12

Researchers at the University of Kent have discovered that some plants can absorb vitamin B12. The study has been published…

Eating more fish ‘could prevent Parkinson’s’

Parvalbumin, a protein found in great quantities in several different fish species, prevents the formation of protein structures closely associated…

State ‘calorie caps’? An idea that leaves a sour taste

In this era of state-enforced skinniness, scoffing dirty burgers is an act of rebellion.

21 Feb 2018

Ignore the killjoys waging war on sugar

Scoffing cake and sweets is now talked about in the way that glue-sniffing was when I was a kid

20 Sep 2017

Eating meat ‘significantly increases’ type 2 diabetes risk

Higher intake of red meat and poultry is associated with a significantly increased risk of developing diabetes, according to new…

Avoid early menopause by drinking two glasses of milk a day, new research suggests

Women with a higher dietary intake of vitamin D are less likely to experience early menopause, according to a new…

27 Jun 2017

Cryotherapy is a pointless fad: there are no short cuts to weight loss

Celebrities are plunging themselves into vats of vaporised nitrogen, exposing their bronzed flesh to temperatures as low as five degrees…

19 Jun 2017

Ignore the lazy headlines. Chips don’t ‘double your chances of death’

You can increase your chances of living forever by avoiding french fries, according to the Telegraph. Eating chips ‘doubles your…

16 Jun 2017

Career women don’t have time to eat healthily. Did feminism make me fat?

Was it the prosecco that did it? Or was it the cheesy chips that made me fat? I often ask myself…

13 Jun 2017

Later meal times ‘make us more likely to put on weight’

Eating meals late in the day makes you more likely to gain weight, and susceptible to conditions including diabetes and…

Sound science backs fasting. Calorie counting can’t compete

Fasting is no longer merely the domain of religion — more and more people are fasting for the sake of…

12 May 2017

Were all the horror stories about dairy products and heart disease wrong after all?

Consuming full-fat cheese, milk and yoghurt does not increase the risk of heart attack or stroke, according to a new…

Let office workers eat cake!

Don’t listen to the joyless meddlers who think sweet treats should no longer be a part of office life


Permanent diet ‘extends life of monkeys by a tenth’

Reducing daily calorie intake by a fifth has been shown to extend the lives of monkeys by 10 per cent,…

yo-yo dieting

Why diets don’t work: ‘obesity-causing’ bacteria linger in the gut

New research published in the journal Nature suggests that intestinal microbes play an unexpectedly important role in recurrent obesity —…


‘Diet’ sweetener isn’t great for a diet. A new study suggests why

The sugar substitute aspartame, used in many diet drinks, encourages weight gain — at least in mice. A new study,…

Have a very Happy Excessmas

Eat, drink and be merry just to spite the health puritans

3 Nov 2016

You might be better off eating more cheese than taking calcium supplements

Taking calcium supplements could raise the risk of heart damage, according to a new study by Johns Hopkins University. The research,…

The secret of a successful diet: a regular flow of treats

Everybody says diets don’t work. They would work if you actually stuck to them, but you won’t stick to them,…

23 Feb 2016

Is sugar really worse for you… or is it a big fat lie?

The headlines say that sweet stuff is the real diet villain. We delve into the science to find out the truth

Our obesity crisis

A complex issue with no silver bullet

10 Nov 2015

Take sugar scares with a pinch of salt

In defence of sugar

22 Oct 2015