Prostate cancer blood biomarker discovered

Metabolite patterns in the blood are indicative of prostate cancer risk, according to new research published in the journal BioMed…

Eye scan reveals Alzheimer’s years before symptoms appear

For decades, the only way to officially diagnose Alzheimer’s disease was by analysing a patient’s brain during a postmortem. More…

That study about women’s heart attacks being missed? It’s already out of date

Women have a 50 per cent higher chance of being incorrectly diagnosed following a heart attack, according to research by…

Cancer survivor Stan Bembenek tees up

Cancer is terrifying. But there is a case for optimism too

With a good prognosis it may not be as serious as type 2 diabetes

3 May 2016

South West good, Merseyside bad: for cancer diagnosis where you live matters

New analysis of health data by Cancer Research UK has shown that where you live is a major factor in…

Mercifully rare, cluster headaches score ten out of ten for pain

The world’s worst headaches

And how to tell if yours is one of them

22 Oct 2015
Small bite, big problem: Lyme disease is often misdiagnosed and no one’s sure how to treat it

Once bitten…

Since his son was diagnosed with the condition, the billionaire Phones4U founder has gone into action

22 Oct 2015

The search for the holy grail of Alzheimer’s Disease

For scientists investigating Alzheimer’s Disease, a ‘biomarker’ is the holy grail. For example, doctors can test blood for the particular…