What’s so special about The Mayr?

The importance of good gut health is paramount in expert guidance on living well, and living long. For a fast-track…

6 Feb 2018

Imaginary intolerances and stupid food fads: the world needs The Angry Chef

Two books were published on the same day last week about the science of food. You can read my review of The…

6 Jul 2017

Viva Mayr clinic: where VIPs ‘detox’ by slowly chewing stale bread

‘A glass of wine at dinner and a flatter stomach in 14 days? It can be done, with this savvy…

Six signs you are being treated by a quack

The term ‘quack’ is often employed as a disrespectful description for clinicians, particularly those who are unskilled, ignorant, dishonest and…

Lose your strain in Spain

Our Spa Inspector checks out the SHA Wellness Clinic in Altea, Alicante

5 May 2016

Spa Inpector: Your A-to-ZZZZZ of relaxation

Sleep Retreat at Espa Life spa, Corinthia Hotel London

18 Feb 2016

Don’t lose your January to a fad diet. The bold claims aren’t what they seem

It’s January, it’s a new year, and practically every magazine or newspaper you open this month will have advice on…

15 Jan 2016

Resist the green juice brigade. The detox is a delusion

The New Year detox is upon us in its many guises, and although we know that the entire premise is…

4 Jan 2016

My juice detox

A beautiful clinic. A dramatic programme

22 Oct 2015

Juice your way to good health

Juice cleanses seem to be all the rage nowadays, with fresh juices popping up everywhere from Pret a Manger to…

22 Jun 2015