The sober truth about the over-50s and drinking

Britain’s real drinking problem lies with mature adults who knock back more than is good for them behind closed doors

18 Feb 2016

The great alcohol cover-up: how public health hid the truth about drinking

The text below is the basis of a talk given by Christopher Snowdon, head of lifestyle economics at the Institute…

10 Feb 2016

Weighing up your cancer risk every time you drink isn’t rational — it’s miserable

Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer, has issued some seemingly autobiographical advice to the worried well of Britain. At…

3 Feb 2016

The truth about moderate drinking has been muddied by anti-alcohol militants

Last Friday, Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer, described the belief that moderate alcohol consumption was good for the heart…

13 Jan 2016

Stop boozing after four drinks? The public health people just don’t want us to have fun

Nothing better sums up the out-of-touchness of public health prigs than the debate about so-called binge drinking. To these teetotal,…

6 Aug 2015

Antibiotic resistance could ‘finish’ modern medicine – so don’t push the GP for those pills

Research published by the Wellcome Trust has found that most people, if they have heard of antibiotic resistance at all,…