Home game

While the hard graft of being the world’s No. 1 tennis player is not to be underestimated, it has its…

22 Jun 2013

The Biennale carnival

Sitting at lunch the other week, in a rainy London, I let my mind drift to Venice. I was to visit…

22 Jun 2013

Role model

Mention that you are interviewing the German film star Diane Kruger and boys will note that she is ‘hot’, while…

22 Jun 2013

That time of year

Festivals? A young man’s game. I know this because I was a young man until quite recently, so I went to…

22 Jun 2013
Angela-Missoni (photo by Olymcom Spa / Rex Features)

Missoni’s mission

When Angela Missoni was pregnant with her third child, Theresa (now 23), she told her father Tai she couldn’t go…

22 Jun 2013
Annoushka Ducas’s latest artistic collaboration at her shop in Chelsea, above, is with Nathalie Hambro

The jeweller’s art

I’m pretty sure the first thing most people do when they meet Annoushka Ducas is check out her jewellery. This…

22 Jun 2013

A Thousand Words

What is your idea of a great portrait photograph? Something that makes you stop for a second and look again.…

30 Mar 2013

Veiled Desire

Concentrating on sexual intercourse in isolation, wrote the notoriously celibate Henry James, leads to creative failure, for the act ‘finds…

30 Mar 2013

Gambling On Gatsby

Aside from a talent for spending money and throwing parties, Baz Luhrmann and Jay Gatsby, the tragic hero of F.…

30 Mar 2013

Following In The Fitzgeralds’ Footsteps

Stand on the north shore of Long Island, in the little town of Great Neck, and — with a little imagination…

30 Mar 2013

The Franco Files

James Franco’s mood can shift from wary to jokey in a heartbeat. This I find particularly charming. As well as…

30 Mar 2013

Danny Boyle on Franco

James is fiercely intelligent and acting can get very frustrating. A lot of acting is very repetitive and I have…

30 Mar 2013

Windsor Without Palaces

It was only 8.30a.m., but already my shirt was catching on my dampening shoulders. That’s Florida for you, even in…

30 Mar 2013

Three Ways To Reinvent The Wheel

In time trials at the Olympics and the Tour de France, the very best cyclists in the world push themselves…

30 Mar 2013

Free Range

Our trip began at Farnborough, an almost eerily zen airport. A small girl of about five was being ushered through…

30 Mar 2013

The Write Stuff

Here’s what you should get your loved one for Christmas. 1. A nice fountain pen. 2. Philip Hensher’s The Missing…

1 Dec 2012
Katharine Hepburn dressed as a boy in the movie Sylvia Scarlett, 1935

So Macho

In an interview last year, the actress Tilda Swinton remembered, as a child, seeing her mother and father (an Army…

1 Dec 2012
Tony Mendez, who as a CIA agent led the operation that extracted six American diplomats from Iran, at home in Maryland earlier this year

Pinball wizardry and other adventures

I grew up poor and somewhat isolated in the searing desert heat of Nevada. Perhaps because of this early childhood…

1 Dec 2012
Helena Bonham Carter as literature’s ultimate frustrated virgin in Mike Newell’s Great Expectations

A Parade of Pips

Film financiers justify putting money into adaptations of Charles Dickens because he is both ‘classic’ and ‘literary’ yet also (kill…

1 Dec 2012
‘Blue Nude’, 1995

Hot Dots

Roy Lichtenstein, the man who brought the comic strip into the art gallery, is renowned as one of the definitive…

1 Dec 2012

F for Fabulous

Jaguars must be good-lookers. Sir William Lyons, founder of the marque, had an eye for the sleek and svelte. It…

1 Dec 2012
Sam Waley-Cohen, riding Long Run, wins the totesport Cheltenham Gold Cup Chase at Cheltenham racecourse on 18 March 2011

Amateur Hour

It would be easy to resent Sam Waley-Cohen. He is a rich boy from a well-known racing family who runs…

1 Dec 2012
A very valuable wrist: Steve McQueen on the set of Le Mans wearing the Heuer Monaco

Track Times

It was a watchmaker called George Schaeren who first observed the intimacy between cars and watches. Way back in 1918,…

1 Dec 2012

The Wish List

Photography by Dennis Pedersen1 Dew-drop earrings, £170, GEORG JENSEN;2 Chronomatic J12, from £10,500, CHANEL; 3 St Moritz Big Bang, £9,400,…

1 Dec 2012
James Stewart in Rear Window, an apt symbol of screen obsession

Moving Pictures

In Hannah and Her Sisters, Woody Allen’s character relates how he hit rock bottom. He botches a suicide attempt and,…

22 Sep 2012