Fewer illnesses, less stress: how cold water swimming can change your life

I have always swum regularly but, one summer when the pool was closed for a couple of weeks, a friend…

20 Dec 2016

No proof yet that zinc lozenges will ‘knock days off your cold’

Zinc lozenges can reduce the time it takes to recover from the common cold from seven days to four, research…

Well worried: everyone I know has a cough… they’re all barking

I even thought about applying Vicks Vaporub to the paws of my dog, who’s been coughing for five months

18 Feb 2016

Vitamins, nose sprays, or hand gels? What works (and what doesn’t) in the fight against colds

It’s that time of year again — time, according to @SoVeryBritish, for clasping your mug with both hands, apologising for…

2 Dec 2015

As a GP I know my terrible illness is just a cold. That doesn’t make it easier

I am a GP. I know a fair bit about colds. I have uttered the famous words ‘This seems to…

7 Oct 2015

Can’t bear sleeping less than seven hours? A study says your instincts are right

Insufficient sleep is a ‘public health epidemic’, according to the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. The organisation links…