contraceptive pill

The contraceptive pill and cancer: the benefits outweigh the risks

The contraceptive pill causes hormonal changes in the body and has long been known to affect cancer risk over the…

Melinda Messenger

Don’t bash Melinda Messenger. Anxiety about the HPV vaccine can’t just be ignored

Dr Chris Steele, the resident doctor of ITV’s This Morning, took Melinda Messenger to task on the show last week.…

21 Dec 2016

Why smear tests matter: cervical screening ‘saves 2,000 lives a year’

Cervical screening prevents 70 per cent of cervical cancer deaths, according to research at Barts and the London School of…

Improving public health is a crusade to persuade

In a multi-platform world with global influences, doctors must look beyond the old standbys to spark a change in behaviour

18 Feb 2016