Don’t waste your money on Mayweather-McGregor

The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor won’t be worth the hype or the pay-per-view fee

24 Aug 2017

If Anthony Joshua is the future of boxing, God help us

Boxing is crying out for a charismatic leading light, but Joshua isn’t that man

27 Apr 2017
heading a football

Can repeatedly heading a football lead to dementia?

Heading a football repeatedly may be a factor in the development of dementia, a study has found. Researchers gathered data…

Mayweather-McGregor: boxing’s billion-dollar con

When this mega-fight takes place in August, Floyd Mayweather will cruise to victory

15 Feb 2017

Five of the best sports books of all time

A selection of five of the best ever sporting tomes

23 Nov 2016

Muhammad Ali: was boxing the cause of his Parkinson’s?

In one of those coincidences that sometimes make you stop and think, at the time I first heard of the…

6 Jun 2016