Healthy eating hacks from a heart attack survivor

TV chef Sally Bee suffered three heart attacks when she was 36 before being diagnosed with spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD). She tells Benenden that her survival against the odds was down to a diet crammed with healthy food

14 Jun 2016

Dementia: can we do anything to reduce the risk?

Around one in 14 of us will develop dementia at some stage — is there anything we can do to avoid it? Benenden health writer Siân Phillips examines the issue

1 Jun 2016

Don’t let the bugs bite this summer

Insect bites and stings can be painful — and occasionally dangerous. Benenden health writer Siân Phillips looks at some of the most common culprits

23 May 2016

Ten ways to care for your mental health

Did you know about a quarter of British adults have a mental health problem every year? Anxiety, stress and depression…

16 May 2016

Why sugar harms much more than your waistline

Can a crash diet cure diabetes? For the past five years the media has been speculating about whether a very…

5 May 2016

Advice from Andy Murray’s food guru

By Glenn Kearney, head of nutrition for the Lawn Tennis Association, who advises Andy Murray on how to eat well

5 May 2016

Lump sums

Public health campaigners say it’s the right move but soft-drink makers feel unfairly singled out and are lobbying hard

5 May 2016

Sugar tax: is it fair?

Eating sugar was once a mark of breeding. Now it’s public health enemy number one

5 May 2016

The sugar in Britain’s shopping basket is on the rise

  As the Office for National Statistics releases its Consumer Price Inflation basket of goods, health and wellness provider Benenden…

18 Mar 2016

What too much sugar does to your body — in pictures

  We all have a good idea of how alcohol can affect our body, but what about sugar? A new…

18 Mar 2016

The sober truth about the over-50s and drinking

Britain’s real drinking problem lies with mature adults who knock back more than is good for them behind closed doors

18 Feb 2016
Before antibiotics, TB patients were treated at sanatoriums where the main cure was rest plus fresh, cold air

Return of the White Death: TB is once again a serious threat to the nation’s health

Infection rates in parts of London are higher than in Rwanda, Eritrea or Iraq

18 Feb 2016
I believe we can give children a better life by encouraging them to take up sport

Stay forever fit with ultimate tennis mum Judy Murray

New fitness crusade by the woman who raised and coached champions Andy Murray and brother Jamie

18 Feb 2016

Snack attack: what’s really in your favourite treats?

Make sure you know what you’re putting in your body next time you feel peckish

18 Feb 2016

Sitting is the new smoking, says leading NHS expert Sir Muir Gray

Swap your slippers for walking shoes to live a longer and more productive life

18 Feb 2016