Can opera heal you?

It’s soothing and calming and artist Joshua Sofaer believes opera can also help boost health and wellbeing. Jackie McGlone reports for Benenden

1 Feb 2017

How to eat for a healthy heart

Did you know that almost one in six men and one in ten women in the UK will die from coronary heart disease? So why not make 2017 the year that you take care of your heart’s health?

25 Jan 2017

Go offline and take back control

Think you spend too much time online? You’re not alone, as 59 per cent of us admit we’re ‘hooked’ on our devices, with the average Briton now spending 25 hours a week on the internet, says a report by Ofcom. But what effect is it having on our health, asks Amy Abrahams for Benenden

17 Jan 2017
big five

Guys, it’s time to tackle the big five

In the UK, men are far more likely than women to die young – 40 per cent of males die…

11 Jan 2017
new year

6 health hacks to start the new year

More than 90 per cent of our New Year’s resolutions will be broken. So what’s the answer if you want to be healthier in 2017?

4 Jan 2017

Keep calm, enjoy Christmas

It’s that time of year, when the whole world seems to be on countdown to the festive season. With jingle bells ringing in your ears at…

20 Dec 2016

Ten calorie-trimming tips for Christmas

Cut back on the calories but not the taste with our 10 easy food swaps this Christmas. By nutritionist Angela Dowden for Benenden

12 Dec 2016

Eight clever ways to avoid stress

Take these simple steps to ease the pressure, says Fiona Jerome for Benenden

6 Dec 2016
yoga or pilates

Pilates vs yoga: which is better for you?

When you want to shake up your fitness regime and do something bendy, should you pick Pilates or yoga? Health and fitness writer Amy Abrahams gives a balanced view for Benenden

22 Nov 2016

Cyclist’s bum and four other modern health problems

We are healthier and living longer than ever before. But 21st-century lifestyles bring their own perils, finds Dr Stuart Farrimond

14 Nov 2016

Six ways to avoid bugs this winter

It can sometimes feel that you’re surrounded by sniffs and coughs, so how can you avoid catching all the bugs that are going around? By Siân Phillips for Benenden

8 Nov 2016

After decades of seemingly perpetual crisis, can the NHS survive?

We talk to health professionals and campaigners about the furture of the health service

How Tiggy and Johnnie Walker survived cancer together

Tiggy Walker nursed her Radio 2 DJ husband through cancer. Then roles were reversed, hears Damien Love for Benenden.

18 Oct 2016

Six ways to keep supple

Feeling a bit creaky in your joints? While stiffness is a natural consequence of ageing, staying supple will help you remain active and ward off aches and injury. By health writer Amy Abrahams for Benenden

9 Oct 2016

Health myths: Does cracking your knuckles cause arthritis?

There is something visceral about the cracking of knuckles, that spine-tingling popping sound that accompanies the over-extension of the fingers. It is a practice beloved by some, yet irritating to others. But does it cause arthritis? Benenden reports

25 Sep 2016

Ditch the sarnie!

Lunch on the run usually means grabbing a sandwich or a salad. But often laden with mayonnaise and full of fat and salt, these are not always the healthiest options. Why not prepare a tasty lunch suggestion from Benenden to guarantee a more healthy midday meal?

19 Sep 2016

Fighting fit: Paralympian Stephanie Millward

It’s been 18 years in the making, but swimmer Stephanie Millward has finally bagged her gold medal at the Rio Paralympics. Here she shares her fitness tips with Benenden.

11 Sep 2016

Health myths: Is running on a soft surface better for your body?

As a form of exercise, running can deliver a wealth of health benefits. One study revealed that regular jogging increases the life expectancy of men by 6.2 years, and women by 5.6 years. But Benenden asks – does the surface you run on make a difference?

Seven apps to transform your life

Losing weight, moving more or drinking less — whatever your fitness or health goal, there’s probably an app for it

Health myths: Does warm milk help you sleep?

While it is often associated with helping babies and children reach the land of nod, Benenden examines whether drinking the white stuff at bedtime really makes a difference

Olympic fitness tips to steal: Team GB’s Kristian Thomas

Before flying off to Rio the 2015 European floor champion (pictured far left) shared his fitness secrets with Benenden

7 Aug 2016

Six budget-friendly ingredients for good health

Nutritional therapist Lowri Turner shares her top ingredients for healthy eating on a budget with Benenden

Health myths: am I overweight because of my slow metabolism?

Whether we’re fat or thin, it’s all down to our genes – or at least that’s a claim that so many of us make. We examine the truth behind the myth

19 Jul 2016

Seven reasons to walk more

Ditch the car or bus and take to the pavements and pathways instead. You’ll probably see some of these benefits pretty soon…

Don’t stress about stress

Ever experienced the Sunday evening, back-to-work-on-Monday blues? Most working people probably have. What can be done about it?

28 Jun 2016

Health myths: does antiperspirant cause breast cancer?

It’s a common claim that the aluminium in antiperspirants and deodorants is linked to cancer — Benenden examines the truth

23 Jun 2016