The Amateur Drinker: Getting the (craft) beers in

After a lifetime of not drinking, Paul Burke has decided to hit the bottle. This week, he tries craft beer

5 Oct 2017
Close up on Two Glasses of Beer

I’m a shandy drinker, and proud of it

Adding lemonade to your pint of lager, or even bitter, is nothing to be ashamed of

6 Apr 2017

Keep self-pouring beer pumps out of our pubs

If bar staff are replaced with automatic beer pumps, it would be a tragedy for the Great British pub

11 Jan 2017

Avoid a hangover with a half of mild

It’s high time mild ale made a comeback

5 Jan 2017

Toast the New Year with a Belgian beer

Embrace some beautiful beers from Belgium before Article 50 kicks in

Britain’s heading for Brexit, but our beer is going continental

Craft breweries are increasingly looking to Europe for inspiration

Cans of craft beer are the ultimate stocking filler

A selection of delicious craft beer and cider to get stuck into this Christmas

The secret to making perfect pizza at home

Forget dialling for a takeaway, here are six tips for making flawless pizza

19 Oct 2016

Stay-at-home drinkers should get out and support their local gastropub

We needed gastropubs to improve the pub-going experience. Now, they need us.

29 Sep 2016

Snobbery lurks behind the sugar tax crusade

So, a sugary drinks levy. First of all, there may be unintended consequences. Could it open up a black market…

17 Mar 2016

Moderate drinkers are less likely to suffer heart attacks than teetotallers

People who drink regularly are less prone to heart failure and heart attacks than teetotallers, according to research by Imre…

Women who drink beer in moderation ‘reduce their risk of a heart attack’

Women who drink moderate amounts of beer lower their risk of a heart attack by 30 per cent, according to…

Why public health zealots are wasting their time complaining about advertising

The belief that advertising is designed to sell more of a product, as opposed to selling more of a certain…

9 Jul 2015