Moderate alcohol consumption ‘boosts male fertility’

Moderate alcohol intake is linked with higher semen volume, sperm concentration, and total sperm count, according to new research published…

A glass of wine won’t shorten your life – moderate drinking is still good for you

When bad science appears in the media, who is to blame? Sometimes it is the fault of the journalists, sometimes…

17 Apr 2018

Don’t believe the propaganda – sin taxes are designed to punish the poor

With the sugar tax taking effect in Britain on Friday, the Lancet has dedicated a whole issue to the wonders…

4 Apr 2018

Ignore this junk science – moderate drinking doesn’t cause liver disease

Sometimes the junk science that comes out of the ‘public health’ lobby is so bad you just have to laugh.…

25 Jan 2018

If addicts can’t afford alcohol they’ll turn to cheaper, more potent alternatives

When minimum pricing was announced my fellow students and I were, needless to say, upset that our Tesco value wine…

9 Jan 2018

Don’t put graphic warning labels on drinks – we need to inform rather than alarm

As reported in the Guardian, the Alcohol Health Alliance is concerned that only ten per cent of Britons are aware…

8 Jan 2018

I love Advent – it’s the gentle waltz to Christmas excess

You owe it to your liver to prepare it for the onslaught to come

29 Nov 2017

Minimum pricing won’t end alcoholism – it will make the addiction more deadly

So the Scotch Whisky Association’s challenge to minimum pricing has failed and the last good reason to stay in the…

15 Nov 2017

A brief history of battlefield boozing

Throughout history, alcohol has been a steadfast ally of countless armies

The new drinking guidelines are based on massaged evidence

When the Chief Medical Officer, Sally Davies, lowered the drinking guidelines for men last year, she cited a report from the Sheffield…

30 Oct 2017

Do low-alcohol drinks pass the taste test?

Priscilla Pollara is off the booze and on the hunt for decent low- and non-alcoholic beverages

9 Oct 2017

Millennials are wrong to sneer at getting drunk – it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures

According to a new survey, young people think drinking to excess is ‘pathetic’. It’s time my generation lightened up

29 Sep 2017

It’s the economy, stupid – why minimum pricing won’t work

There was a reminder last week that politics produces strange bed-fellows when the Institute of Alcohol Studies (formerly known as the…

5 Sep 2017

Protein discovered that ‘turns off’ desire for alcohol

Researchers from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre have discovered a protective response in the liver that could be targeted…

How brewers and distillers are raising the bar

The colourful display of bottles behind a counter is always a sight to lift the spirits

14 Jun 2017

How a peach brandy with Rupert Murdoch sent my career into orbit

I could sense him probing the table for the next creative genius and coming up woefully short

14 Jun 2017

Public health zealots want to put alcohol in plain packaging. We can’t afford to listen to them

Two months ago the government made plain packaging of tobacco products mandatory. Now Dr. Judith Mackay, an advisor to the…

13 Jun 2017

No, moderate drinking doesn’t ‘damage the brain’

Recent headlines suggest that drinking, even in moderation, can damage the brain. But the data doesn’t support the claim. Researchers…

Can having a stroke turn you into an alcoholic?

Changes in the brain following stroke could make patients more prone to alcoholism, according to research published in the journal…

How drugs make us fat: why alcohol, caffeine and chocolate are a menace to your waistline

We know that calorie-dense, seductive foods like chips, ice cream, and cookies tend to push us to eat too much…

4 May 2017

Does BBC Radio 2 encourage heavy drinking? Welcome to the weird world of public health

Is the BBC driving you to drink? According to a study published in the Journal of Public Health — and…

3 May 2017

Eight of the best boozy scenes in cinema

From Withnail & I to The Blues Brothers, try and keep up with these big screen drinkers

How dare they ban our life-enhancing lunchtime drinks?

Lunch in these dull times is all about smashed avocado rather than just getting smashed

19 Apr 2017

What to drink at Easter – if you gave up drinking for Lent

Staying off the booze during Lent is tougher than Dry January

12 Apr 2017

Moderate drinking is good for the heart. Why won’t public health admit it?

A new study in the British Medical Journal has found that moderate drinkers have a lower risk of heart attack,…

23 Mar 2017

My love affair with single malt whisky

It’s taken me by surprise, but this late-blooming passion is all-consuming

23 Mar 2017