Seven poetry collections every child should read

    A novel is like a long, warm drink, but a poem is a spike through the head...

    Will schools have learnt the lessons of lockdown?

    My 12-year-old’s school offered a digital timetable and pace of teaching just as ambitious as it was pre-lockdown
    3 Sep 2020

    In praise of ‘useless’ knowledge

    Yes, it’s useful to know about health, sex and computers when you’re a grown-up. But these are things you learn about anyway
    3 Sep 2020

    What children should read

    The other day I found my Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes and, whoosh, I was back in my five-year-old self

    The school trip that saved my life

    He marched us up to the top of a hill, produced a rifle and let us take it in turns to fire into the storm
    3 Sep 2020

    Ardingly College – academic excellence continues

    In association with Ardingly College At Ardingly College, our success speaks for itself. Not only through our students’ high academic...

    Langoustine after lacrosse? How post-match teas got posh

    Savvy Bradfield College parents time their arrival to coincide with the petits fours and at Marlborough langoustine have been spotted on the salad bar

    Why a music conservatoire is tougher than Cambridge

    Music conservatoire is where I discovered the most crucial lesson of all: how to learn

    Home school club: can you get this Bill Gates maths joke?

    Six subject-based facts to liven up your lockdown learning.
    27 May 2020

    Too cool for school: beware ‘trendy’ teachers

    They are not the ones we end up remembering with affection
    4 Sep 2019

    Learning the ropes on my school’s yacht

    My school owned a boat. And not some dinghy or fibreglass pleasure craft either: Jolie Brise — the name was...
    4 Sep 2019

    School houses are utterly ruthless – and utterly rewarding

    They provide camaraderie, challenges – and a healthy dose of ruthless competition