That's Life with Andrew Doyle

    Spectator Life's satirical writers take a sideways look at the news with Titania McGrath creator Andrew Doyle....

    That's Life with Julia Hartley-Brewer

    The journalist and TalkRadio host joins us for a sideways look at the news agenda.
    18 Feb 2020

    That's Life with comedian Konstantin Kisin

    Are we witnessing the end of woke-ism and why did the public love Laurence Fox on Question Time? Konstantin joins Spectator Life's satirists Andy Shaw and Benedict Spence for a sideways look at the news.
    29 Jan 2020

    Table Talk with Mark Diacono

    Mark Diancono talks to Lara and Olivia about how he turned 17 acres of land into a farm producing Szechuan peppers, mulberries and more.
    25 Jan 2020