Wines of the week: try an autumnal red from Avignon

From a plum-infused red wine to South Africa’s most elegant winery, here’s our pick of the week’s best vintages

13 Sep 2019

Why Chablis is the wine of the moment

No longer confined to office parties and picnics, Chablis is having a revival

9 Sep 2019

Wines of the week: try a Chilean red from a renowned winemaker

Taste the Chilean wine that should be in the cellar of every serious wine collector

6 Sep 2019

Wines of the week: discover the ideal red for meat lovers

Pair your steak with a Californian red and sip on a best-selling claret this week

1 Sep 2019

Wines of the week: try a Sicilian red from the foothills of Etna

Sicily’s Etna produces volcanic soil that produces some of the best red wine around – here’s what to try

23 Aug 2019

Wines of the week: try a volcanic red

2018 Torres Viña Sol, 11.5%vol. The Torres family has been making first rate wine in Spain since 1870. This, their…

16 Aug 2019

Wines of the week: an affordable Bordeaux for the cellar

The Limarí Valley in Chile is one of the sweetest of sweet spots for growing Chardonnay and it’s from there that Santa Rita now sources all the fruit for this white Burgundy-rivalling beauty

9 Aug 2019

How to make tea-infused cocktails

Cocktails began their life in the 17th century coffee houses where tea was a common ingredient. Here are four tea-infused drinks to try.

2 Aug 2019

Wines of the week: three top picks for under £12

Quality summer wine needn’t cost the earth if you know where to look

2 Aug 2019

What to drink whilst watching The Ashes

England and Australia are about to go head to head at Lords but who wins in the drinks department?

The best wines to bring back from Europe

With Brexit on the cards, filling your suitcase with wines from your European break has become all the more enticing. Here’s what to pack.

30 Jul 2019

Wines of the week: try white rioja

From white Rioja to a summer sherry – here’s what to drink in the hot weather

26 Jul 2019

Wines of the week: try a summery white port

Our pick of the best wines to enjoy over the weekend

18 Jul 2019

Wines of the week: perfect for a BBQ

Liven up your summer dining with our pick of the week’s best wine and discover a connoisseur’s favourite that is flying under the radar for under £5

5 Jul 2019

Five ways to drink Vermouth

Vermouth and tonic rivals G&T as the perfect summer drink. From Martini to Negroni there are countless ways to drink it.

3 Jul 2019

The best summer wines

The secret to summer drinking? Try darker rosés that blur the boundary between rosé and red wine

27 Jun 2019

Wines of the week: summer aperitifs and a supermarket special

Uncover the Co-op’s surprising stock of eminently drinkable Langedoc and the Côtes du Rhône of Château Beauchêne – the perfect partner for a barbecue.

27 Jun 2019

There’s more to summer drinking than Pimm’s and G&T

Put a twist on your summer drinks, from scotch and soda to rum and lemonade.

18 Jun 2019

A gin drinker’s guide to London

From distilleries to gin bars, navigate London’s burgeoning gin scene with our guide to where to drink

14 Jun 2019

London’s best Negronis

The Negroni was born of a need for stronger booze. So where the current trend for it has stemmed from…

27 May 2019

Why cider is the new fine wine

Cast your mind back to a time when cider cost more than wine. In the 17th century, these ciders (or…

24 May 2019

The five best Netflix shows, paired with the perfect drink

Drinks pairings aren’t just for candlelit dinners in Michelin starred restaurants. A well-chosen match of refreshment and entertainment at home…

27 Mar 2019

The best Bordeaux wines to try this Spring

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet the owner of a classed-growth château in the Médoc. Over lunch…

26 Mar 2019

Mount Etna: Italy’s most exciting new wine region

Sample bottles from this up-and-coming region before everyone else cottons on

13 Mar 2019

Dry January is over: here’s what to drink

The cold snap provides ample opportunity for brandy and port while clichéd cocktails are set to make a comeback

30 Jan 2019

The best wines from South Africa

The much maligned South African Pinotage grape is due a renaissance

26 Dec 2018