Chargrilled asparagus with paneed duck egg & crispy bacon recipe

English asparagus is one of June’s finest culinary treats. Here’s how to combine it with bacon and duck egg.

Focaccia recipe

You should be able to squish a good focaccia with your hand and watch it slowly rise back up to its former glory.

Pineapple granita recipe

This dish is about as close as I’m going to get to sitting on a beach sipping a frozen cocktail anytime soon.

Quick and spicy salmon noodles recipe

Jack Monroe shares a quick dish that’s healthy to boot.

28 May 2020

Chicken Caesar Salad recipe

Chicken is now the crowning ingredient of this salad but it wasn’t always so.

How to make the perfect toastie

Swap butter for mayo and cheddar for gruyere to give your toastie some kick.

Frangipane tart with tinned fruit recipe

Turn those excess tinned pears into a showstopper

Banana bread recipe

The riper the banana the better the loaf.

Chocolate chip cookies recipe

Crisp and buttery on the outside, fudgy and sweet within.

Six signature hotel dishes that you can make at home

Bring the fine dining experience into your own kitchen with the help of these iconic hotels.

27 Apr 2020

Seeded crackers recipe

For the most part, over the last four weeks, I’ve been turning to old faithfuls in my kitchen: lasagne, bread…

Lasagne recipe

Simmer your mince in milk and add bacon for the fullest flavour.

Recipe: Coconut ice

An easy-to-make treat that will have you bopping for more.

16 Apr 2020

How to shake up your work from home lunch

Beans on toast again? Here’s how to restore your lunch hour to its former glory.

No-chocolate chocolate cake recipe

Combine cocoa and hot water to create a mouth-watering fudge interior.

Recipe: hot cross buns

Ignore the tempting shop displays… these buns will come up plump and round

Recipe: Hot cross bun ice cream

Make the very most of those leftover hot cross buns and master a delicious Easter dessert

Simple flat bread recipe

Continuing in the vein of the last couple of weeks of Vintage Chef columns, this week’s recipe is designed to…

Coffee and walnut cake recipe

A classic bake that draws on your store cupboard staples.

Raspberry and coconut sponge recipe, The Vintage Chef (credit: Samuel Pollen)

Raspberry and coconut sponge recipe

Make the most of your store cupboard essentials with a dish that will lift the spirits in lockdown.

Recipes to cook while you self-isolate

How to make the most of your store cupboard essentials.

Tarte au citron recipe

This sunshine-coloured dessert is the perfect pick-me-up: lip-zipping, eye-popping, zinging and singing with lemon flavour.

Wholemeal bread recipe

Embrace the pleasures of a simple loaf with a hint of toasty caramel.

Rock cakes by The Vintage Chef. Credit: Samuel Pollen

Rock cakes recipe

Sometimes the simplest bakes are the best.

The Dutch baby: an oven-baked pancake recipe with a twist

Cooks resent having to keep watch over the pan on Shrove Tuesday. The answer? An oven-baked pancake.

Eggs en cocotte breakfast recipe

Baked eggs, cooked and served in individual ramekins, on a bed of cream or crème fraîche make the ideal weekend breakfast.