Wine & Food

Recipe: Coconut ice

An easy-to-make treat that will have you bopping for more.

16 Apr 2020

Six film and cocktail pairings to liven up your nights in

Match your cocktail to your film choice for the perfect lockdown evening.

15 Apr 2020

How to shake up your work from home lunch

Beans on toast again? Here’s how to restore your lunch hour to its former glory.

No-chocolate chocolate cake recipe

Combine cocoa and hot water to create a mouth-watering fudge interior.

Recipe: hot cross buns

Ignore the tempting shop displays… these buns will come up plump and round

How to make the perfect cup of coffee at home

Keep your coffee out of the fridge and check the ‘roasted on’ date – plus more tips from our coffee expert.

7 Apr 2020

Recipe: Hot cross bun ice cream

Make the very most of those leftover hot cross buns and master a delicious Easter dessert

16 food delivery services to try in London

Sidestep the supermarkets and support these independent food suppliers.

The best wines to enjoy during lockdown

Make self isolation a little more palatable with our pick of the month’s best wines.

6 Apr 2020

Simple flat bread recipe

Continuing in the vein of the last couple of weeks of Vintage Chef columns, this week’s recipe is designed to…

DIY drinks to make during quarantine

It might seem frivolous to break out the shaker in the current circumstances but we shouldn’t underestimate the morale boost…

2 Apr 2020

Coffee and walnut cake recipe

A classic bake that draws on your store cupboard staples.

The best Easter eggs for 2020

With eggs ranging from from £3 to £95, we’ve taste-tested something for everyone.

8 London restaurants that will deliver during lockdown

Support your local restaurant, avoid empty supermarket shelves and enjoy top-notch cuisine while you’re at it.

24 Mar 2020

8 wine delivery services to use during lockdown

Supermarkets are running out of wine as well as the basics so why not support an independent wine merchant instead?

23 Mar 2020
Raspberry and coconut sponge recipe, The Vintage Chef (credit: Samuel Pollen)

Raspberry and coconut sponge recipe

Make the most of your store cupboard essentials with a dish that will lift the spirits in lockdown.

Recipes to cook while you self-isolate

How to make the most of your store cupboard essentials.

The virtual pub: how to share a digital pint with your friends

Boris Johnson has asked all pubs to close but that’s no reason to forgo your weekly pint.

18 Mar 2020

Tarte au citron recipe

This sunshine-coloured dessert is the perfect pick-me-up: lip-zipping, eye-popping, zinging and singing with lemon flavour.

Britain’s food capitals: six culinary cities to rival London

From Brighton to Bristol, explore the foodie capitals vying for London’s crown.

11 Mar 2020

The best whiskey bars to try for St Patrick’s Day

We’ve sought out the finest Irish whiskeys from Dublin to Bethnal Green.

10 Mar 2020

Wholemeal bread recipe

Embrace the pleasures of a simple loaf with a hint of toasty caramel.

10 royal watering holes fit for kings and queens

Drink in the Royal Family’s favourite haunts.

4 Mar 2020

Where to drink like James Bond in London

We reveal the best martini in town.

2 Mar 2020

Europe’s best craft beer: from Barcelona to Berlin

The British aren’t the only ones cashing in on the craft beer craze.

2 Mar 2020
Rock cakes by The Vintage Chef. Credit: Samuel Pollen

Rock cakes recipe

Sometimes the simplest bakes are the best.